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KML Ministries had a profound and lasting effect on me. I learned that I can make an impact on others, I have value and worth and can share God’s love with others. In today’s society it sometimes feels that women are pitted against each other. This ministry reminded me of the strength and beauty we create when we come together. KML Ministries has restored my voice, given me focus and confidence to be the world-changer I was created to be, and reminded me of the power, strength, and love created by coming together towards a common goal. I am changed. Thank you KML Ministries for your selfless service!
~ Tracey

I’ve been so blessed to be apart of KML Ministries. Thank you for sharing your personal stories of what The Lord has accomplished in you and through you. You three lady’s are truly blessed by the Lord. Thank you! I pray that what you have shown me though your kindness, humbleness and servitude to me and others though The Lord, I too can take to other women who need it.
~ Misty